Category 1

Thought Provoking Talk

KTWJ broadcasts programs intended to make you look at the world differently.

Voice of Prophecy with Lonnie Melashanko - Weekdays at 6am CST
Jesus 101 with Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot - Weekdays at 9am CST
Between the Lines with Pastor Don Pait - Weekdays at 2pm CST

Beautiful Inspirational Music

Unlike other Christian radio stations, KTWJ has opted for a more traditional music format, this is intended to create a prayerful and meditative environment in your home, car or office.

Artists you might hear on KTWJ Radio:
Jennifer LaMountain
Steve Darmody
Amy Grant
Steve Green

Award Winning Radio Dramas

KTWJ is proud to carry award winning Christian radio dramas. KTWJ carries Bible in Living Sound, Your Story Hour, Adventures in Odyssey, and Unshackled! on a daily basis.

Bible in Living Sound: Daily at 3pm CST, Saturdays at 10am CST
Your Story Hour: Daily at 6pm CST
Adventures in Odyssey: Daily at 6:30pm CST
Unshackled!: Nightly at 11:30pm CST (Some issues discussed on this program may not be suitable for younger ears!)